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A day of reflection and sadness marks the 1 year anniversary of the Las Vegas Strip mass shooting

Posted at 7:06 AM, Oct 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-02 20:08:17-04

LAS VEGAS -- Survivors and supporters are gathering for memorial services on the one year anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting.

Thousands of people ran for cover after a gunman opened fire during the Route 91 Harvest music festival on October 1, 2017—killing 58 people and injuring more.

The memory of those victims will be honored at several events in Las Vegas Monday to mark the one year anniversary of the tragedy. The events began with a sunrise ceremony, and Monday night the names of the victims will be read in another memorial service.

There is also a healing garden, where loved ones are honoring the victims, and a portrait project.

Fox 13's Kiersten Nunez is in Las Vegas for the memorials and spoke with those who witnessed the massacre first hand. While the motive for the shooting remains unknown, survivors from Utah say they are focusing on healing and moving on.

"It doesn't matter what he did: He doesn't get to tear people apart. He doesn't get to break people down," Lauren Harris said. "We are all coming back together and showing him that love wins."

"We're not gonna let one bad thing change the how I live the rest of my life," Brody Harris said. I'm still going to go do the things that we enjoy to do."