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Ex-wife of man who mailed ricin to President Donald Trump speaks out

Posted at 10:23 PM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-05 00:23:09-04

SALT LAKE CITY — The ex-wife and step-daughter of a man who admitted to sending four ricin filled letters to President Trump and the Pentagon are described the person they said caused them to live in fear.

Kimberly Allen said she was married to William Clyde Allen, III for four months in 2004 before escalating abuse forced her to take her kids and leave.

“I just seen pure evil in his eyes,” Kimberly Allen said.

William Clyde Allen, III now faces a Threat of Terrorism charge.

Court documents reveal a history of criminal activity, including a guilty plea to charges of child abuse/neglect in 2005.

Megan Mitchell was a young child when her mom was married to Allen. Now grown, Mitchell says she is a victim of his abuse.

“He sexually abused me and physically abused me as a child,” Mitchell said.

The images of Allen’s house being raided by law enforcement are causing Mitchell and her mother to relive many bad memories.

“Seeing his face just makes me want to cry,” Mitchell said. “Dealing with it, just having all the memories flash back in my head of what happened and what he did to me is really hard.”

“He scares me, he scares me,” Kimberly Allen said.

Allen’s confession to sending poison isn’t shocking to either woman.

“I felt like he was always out to get somebody, just so that he himself didn’t feel attacked,” Mitchell said.

They hope justice is served against a man they say caused their family an unimaginable pain.

“I really, really hope he sits and thinks about not only what he did to everybody else, but to me and my family and I really, really hope he finds mercy,” Mitchell said.