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Local dentist donates services to family recently released from Venezuelan captivity

Posted at 5:59 PM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 19:59:46-04

WEST JORDAN -- They were held prisoner for two years in Venezuela, but since being set free in April, Josh and Tammy Holt are trying to fix some of the damage that was done.

They've spent the last six months adjusting to their freedom and focusing on their health.

“We're still trying to get on to our feet after just coming home,” Josh Holt said.

Naturally, the Holts were thrilled when they got a call from local dentist, Dr. Adam Burr.

“It's been a huge help,” Josh Holt said.

With experience working on service dental missions in South America and volunteering in prisons here in the U.S., Burr felt like the stars aligned and decided to offer the Holts free dental work.

“I felt like there was a unique set of circumstances that made me want to reach out to him,” Burr said.

“When you don't take care of your teeth for two years and you don't have a way to brush your teeth well or that type of stuff, flossing, it's a big wear and tear on your teeth and on your health,” Josh Holt said.

He's done everything, from filling cavities, to replacing teeth, to root canals.

“I actually chipped a tooth in half and over there they didn't really take care of it. They tried to do a root canal but it didn't do anything and there's only so much you can do without anesthesia,” Josh Holt said, referring to his two years of captivity in a Venezuelan prison.

After two years without as much as toothbrush, the Holts needed a lot of help.

“It’s horrible to have those toothaches. You get that pain and it shoots up your head and gives you headaches,” Josh Holt said.

Help that Burr, owner of West Jordan Modern Dentistry, is more than happy to provide.

“Without insurance, without help would run anywhere from, between the both of them, somewhere in the $10-15,000 range would be my guess,” Burr said.

With bright, healthy smiles, the Holts are focused on the next phase of getting jobs. Holt also hopes to start doing some motivational speaking. But Burr gave them a great start.

“He really helped us out," Josh Holt said. "He helped us out just because he wanted to."