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Surviving after breast cancer: the Viveve treatment can help

Posted at 2:50 PM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 16:51:00-04

The worst part is over: no more cancer treatments, doctors appointments, and constant stress.  You've beat breast cancer!  What’s next for enjoying life and thriving?  Survivors want to feel like themselves again.  After cancer, women can experience vaginal dryness, low libido, and possible pain or discomfort during intercourse.  Patients have options, and are not alone with symptoms they may be experiencing following cancer treatments.  The Viveve treatment can help survivors regain their confidence.  The Viveve treatment can restore lubrication to the vaginal canal, enhance sexual arousal, as well as intensify orgasms.

Dr. Molly Mears, OB/GYN, performs each Viveve treatment, which typically takes 30 minutes to one hour in-office.  A small treatment tip about the size of a thumb is inserted just inside the vaginal canal, where radiofrequency energy is pulsed into the vaginal tissue while cryogen simultaneously cools.  The treatment stimulates cellular collagen formation to rebuild within the vaginal canal.  The patient experiences no pain, can drive themselves home, and even go to the gym after!  There is no down time, and the results are fast!

The Susan G. Komen foundation stresses the importance of speaking with your health care provider as early as possible about post cancer symptoms and treatment options.  Patients may have undergone mastectomies which can present body issues that lead to anxiety and depression, as well as impact sexual desire.  The earlier these issues are addressed, the better. Having a conversation with their intimate partners can be extremely beneficial to learning how intimacy may have changed, and what options are available to them.

Patients can expect an in-depth consultation prior to receiving treatment at Enlighten Laser.  The consultation is comprised of medical history and vaginal health questionnaire to assess patient goals and desired results.  A customized treatment plan is created, and each patient receives education on the Viveve treatment.

A patient’s HSA or FSA will pay for the treatment!  Finance options are also available with Care Credit.  Enlighten Laser is offering 20% off the Viveve treatment until November 8th!  Call to schedule your free consultation!  You can also find more information on social media @enlightenutah

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