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Boy with brittle bone condition has dreams come true thanks to local YouTube star

Posted at 9:58 PM, Oct 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-07 00:08:19-04

GRANTSVILLE, Utah – A local exotic car YouTuber pulled some string to make a dream come true for one car-loving little boy.

It was another fast-flying day at the Utah Motorsports campus.

“We’ve got Lamborghinis, we’ve got Porches, we’ve got Audis, just racing around everywhere!” said local YouTube star and Super Car Mafia founder, James Condon.

“It’s just insane, and they’re loud and I don’t even need ear covers for the cars,” exclaimed 9-year-old Sebastian Perez. “It’s fast and I was like born for fast!”

Like most 9-year-old boys, Sebastian loves cars.

“He just eats, lives and breathes cars,” Condon said.

Unlike most kids his age, Sebastian faces obstacles.

“Sebastian is kind of special,” said his mom Evelia Perez.

“It’s called OI Osteogenesis Imperfecta,” Sebastian added.

That’s a condition that gives him brittle bones.

“I can’t even jump that high because my legs aren’t that strong,” said Sebastian.

“He could be walking right now normal and his bone will break just like that,” said Evelia.

Born prematurely at just two pounds, Sebastian wasn’t expected to live beyond the age of one.

Living with his condition, he has had 70 broken bones and 17 surgeries to replace rods in his legs.

Right now a broken femur has given Sebastian his own set of wheels.

“He was walking five days ago and now he goes from zero again,” said Evelia.

When a local exotic car YouTuber caught wind of this car-crazed California based 9-year-old…

“Sebastian’s just like me, loves cars,” Condone said.

He made sure Sebastian went from the stands to the front seat.

“James said that he invited me to Utah but I thought it was a joke, so I thought it was like a prank or something,” laughed Sebastian.

So now, Sebastian is trading in his wheelchair for something a little faster.

“They like fast cars and I like fast cars too!” smiled Sebastian.

And his condition, it can’t slow him down… especially when he’s in a fast car.

“We always say we prefer to have a broken bone having fun than to just be sitting down,” Evelia said.

“Just feels normal,” Sebastian said.

Sebastian’s father is currently battling cancer, leaving his mom to be the sole breadwinner for Sebastian and his six brothers and sisters.

Sebastian will spend the day back at the raceway Sunday before heading back home to Southern California.