Couple returns from trip to find trail of damage from bad crash

Posted at 10:28 PM, Oct 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-08 00:28:06-04

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OMAHA, Ne (KPTM) — Of all the destruction that happened at the home of Gene Parrish and his wife, only a fallen tree branch was the result of Mother Nature. The rest was because of a bad crash.

“Quite the damage” said Parrish. “There used to be a wooden fence where this metal fence is at.”

Near 96th and Pacific, Parrish and his wife live downhill from a sign. It warns drivers of a dip, but Gene says it hasn’t made much of a difference.

“What can you do?”

After a trip, the Parrishes found their yard ruined. They weren’t alone. The property belonging to their neighbors also got ruined. The crash was so bad car parts are still littered near the properties. A temporary fence will now get put up near the Parrish home.

The Parrishes say crashes in their neighborhood have happened before. The speed limit going down that dip near their home is 20 miles per hour, but they say drivers will sometimes go faster than what is posted.

“There was one time a car wound up upside down in the neighbor’s driveway.”

With parts of a power pole scattered by the yard belonging to the Parrishes, Gene has a message he wants all drivers to hear. That message is for people to use caution going through neighborhoods.

“You need to control your vehicle. Anything can happen.”

With rain in the forecast this upcoming week, the Parrishes say that’s another reason drivers need to use caution in neighborhoods. Omaha police say when roads are wet and slippery make sure you slow down.