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Fast Cars Friday: the Volkswagen Golf R

Posted at 2:59 PM, Oct 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-19 17:00:12-04

Volkswagen introduced the Golf in 1974.  Since then, there have been seven generations of Golfs.  In 202 under the MK4 (4th generation) VW released the R32.  This was an AWD Golf, complete with the more powerful VR6 motor.  This idea caught on like wildfire and in 2010 the Golf R was born.  Respected not only for its impressive pedigree, but also for its prestige.  The Golf R remains a household name that is respected well beyond the German or car enthusiast community.

We stopped by Ken Garff Volkswagen to check one of the cars out for Fast Cars Friday.

The Golf R comes equipped with a 2.0 turbo charged engine that puts out 292 Horsepower with 280 lb-ft of torque.  The Golf R can also come with the option of a manual or the seamlessly smooth 7-speed DSG gear box.  This dual clutch is capable of shifting in under the blink of an eye and can also help active the cars launch control.  There is nothing more rewarding than taking full advantage of the car's 4-motion AWD system than blasting off the line 0 to 60 in under five seconds.

And when it comes to comfort, a variety of models allows the driver to customize their driving experience.  And the 8-inch touchscreen connects to both Carplay and Android Auto, keeping them up to speed in the digital realm.  The digital dash relays feedback such as: navigation coordinates, incoming phone calls and even the nearest service station when needed.

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