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Chili recipe from Cayt’s Meats and Meals

Posted at 2:28 PM, Oct 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-23 16:28:14-04

Cayt's Meats and Meals shared a recipe for chili on the grill that's perfect for a chilly fall day.

Start off with a base of crushed tomatoes+navy beans, kidney beans and black beans. Food should be appealing and color is a great way to do so with the variety of beans.
Add in the chili powder+onion powder+garlic powder and beef broth. Doing it early in the process will help to give those beans most of the flavor. Let this simmer on low(200-225°). Chop in decent sizes-jalapenos, red, green, yellow Bell peppers and onions. Charring these on the grill will give an additional element of flavor. You can achieve this by 4-5 minutes on each side on high flame on a gas grill. Remove, veggies, dice smaller and saute a little longer with minced garlic and butter. Use fresh diced celery about 2 hours til finish for texture.

For the meats I use 3 different cuts of beef. *First, hamburger which can just be simply browned and thrown in.
*Second, I love a big beef round cut that has been reversed seared. I cube this up and add in about 2 hours before it's finished.(that way it hasn't turned too soft,but has absorbed some flavoring)
*Third,I use a brisket flat and the point. The flat is much more lean but the point has much more flavor. I don't add the brisket until right at the end so that it has its own distinct flavor. Otherwise, it all taste the same.

The process takes about 4-5 hours(not counting briskets time) but your result is worth it! If you have pulled pork, sausage, or any other types of meat, throw them in! Make it your own! The key is to layer the flavors with different cuts of meats that have been cooked differently.

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