Sonic Cherry Limeade coupon leads deputies to suspected burglar

Posted at 6:05 PM, Oct 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-24 20:05:16-04

OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department says a chip-style coupon led to officials finding thousands of dollars in stolen property.

It started when police were called to a house in Harrah, roughly 20 miles east of Oklahoma City.

"We went to the homeowner who said they were inside the house in their living room and they heard someone jiggle the door handle," said Mark Opgrande of the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department.

Police then went back into the yard.

"They observed some footprints that went from the victim's house over to another house in the same neighborhood," said Opgrande.

When officials knocked on that door, the homeowners said their son, 18-year-old Hunter Eugene Berry, was in his room. When officials went to question Berry, they say they saw his wet shoes on the floor and a unique item: a poker chip-style Sonic coupon.

"There was a car burglary earlier in the evening as well and one of the items taken was a coin coupon for a Cherry Limeade from Sonic," Opgrande said.

Police then continued to question Berry and learned he had allegedly been responsible for burglarizing another home and multiple cars in the neighborhood.

In Berry's possession, police said they found stolen cellphones, a kevlar bulletproof vest, electronics and drug paraphernalia.

"We probably recovered several thousand dollars in stolen equipment,"said Opgrande.

Berry was arrested on multiple counts, including second degree burglary. He is currently out on bail.

"You have an individual that's accused of actually going around through his own neighborhood and breaking into cars and breaking into at least one house and attempting to break into another house, so it always feels good when you are able to take someone off the streets like this," Opgrande said.