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Why we believe in ghosts

Posted at 3:13 PM, Oct 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-25 17:14:00-04

Do you believe in ghosts?  If you do - you're not alone.  Three out of four people harbor a "paranormal belief" and 28 percent of college students say they've had a paranormal experience.

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Jessie Shepherd joined The PLACE to talk more about the phenomenon.

She says our brains try to make sense and create patterns of information that is muddled.  That includes specifically seeking out faces in inanimate objects.  Jessie says the ghost explanation is usually based on lack of information and not an abundance of information.  For instance, strange sightings could be happening due to poor lighting, waking up/ falling asleep, or unfamiliar places.

She says there are things we need to make sure it's not!  Exposed wires or underground electricity can cause your hair to stand up and cause a feeling of being watched.  If that happens, call an electrician or home inspector.  Carbon monoxide poisoning can create pressure on the chest and cause hallucinations or a general sense of dread.  This can be deadly -- so call the fire department or gas company immediately.  Infrasound (so low humans can't hear it) can cause feelings of panic, chills down the spine and feeling uneasy.  There's an app!  find the source the move or eliminate it.

There are positives to believing in ghosts.

  • Thrill: creates excitement, a little adrenaline boost and often is a social situation.
  • Play: as adults we rarely use our imaginations in big ways like this and it switches up our mundane, planned-out life
  • Comfort: belief in the afterlife, someone is watching out for us, reassures us that we don't just disappear

If you are distressed by your ghosts, go through reliable scientific sources and get a therapist.

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For ghost help, you can contact Independent Investigators group (323) 666-9797 ext. 666 or  email: