Police: A man entered woman’s home while she was giving her child a bath, went through fridge

Posted at 9:08 PM, Oct 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-27 23:08:31-04

BOAZ, Ala. (WHNT) — Boaz police officers say a woman was giving her child a bath Tuesday night when a man came inside her home and started going through her fridge, and that wasn’t the only stop he made.

It all started on Mann Avenue in Boaz Tuesday evening, when a woman called police and said someone came into her home.

“She was actually bathing her child at the time and heard someone come in,” said Chief Josh Gaskin. “She thought it was another family member.”

Gaskin said she went into the kitchen and found Vincent Galimore, 41, of Sardis City, and asked him what he was doing.

“He said he was supposed to be there,” Gaskin explained, “She questioned as to why he thought he should be there. He really couldn’t give her an answer.”

Then, Galimore just took off.

The homeowner called police and they responded. A little later, the department got another call from the Manor House, which is right next to the police department.

“They had ran Mr. Galimore out of the apartments and the officers were able to locate him just a block from the Manor House,” Gaskin said.

Galimore is no stranger to Boaz police officers. With this latest run-in, he’s facing three charges that include public intoxication, possession of marijuana, and burglary.

“Investigators spoke with Mr. Galimore, interviewed him. He admitted that he did go into the home. He couldn’t really give an explanation as to why he thought that’s where he should be,” Gaskin said.

Gaskin added this is a good reminder to lock your doors, even if you think your neighborhood is safe.