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4 Fabulous Hairstyles for the Holidays

Posted at 3:04 PM, Nov 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-05 17:04:19-05

Malstrom Salon just celebrated its 20th Anniversary in Salt Lake City.   They joined The PLACE with four hairstyles popular for the holidays this year.

Bohemian looks are very popular. Braids are also very popular with any style. Braids can be formal or casual. That`s what makes them so perfect. Meghan Markle has made the low bun popular as well.

When it comes to hair color, stylists say "baby lights" and "Balayage" are popular.  Blond is always popular, this year they've been doing a lot of cool blonds.  The biggest benefit of these color applications is the grow-out isn't as noticeable.

Autumn is also a good time to go a little darker, add a little red or copper to your hair color.  Fall and winter are great times to go darker, where spring and summer are a better time to go lighter with your hair color.

Stylists say layered long hair with a soft curl is very popular right now. Blunt bobs and layered, chin length bobs are also popular.

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