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Most slimming ways to wear 3 different boot heights

Posted at 2:34 PM, Nov 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-06 16:35:02-05

There are so many ways to wear boots, and as we get into the colder weather it's important to know the best ways to wear them.

Dani Slaugh, personal stylist and image consultant, joined us with the most slimming ways to wear three different boot heights.

Wear with pants that reach the top of the boot to create a longer visual line and elongate the leg.
Avoid gaps between the hem of the pants and top of boots that create a horizontal focal point and visually shorten the leg.
Wear shorter skirts and dresses, knee length and above. If there is more space between the boot and hem, legs appear longer.
Avoid mid-length skirts that end at the widest part of the calve. Unless, of course, your calves could use a little filling out.
Wear longer skirts and dresses that reach the top of the boot and give the appearance of longer legs.

Wear with fitted jeans to minimize hip curve. The weight of the boots create a focal point on the boots and away from the hips.
Wear with mid-length skirts, dresses and culottes. The clothing silhouette becomes dominant and camouflages the widest part of the calve. Shorter skirts will have a similar effect if the boots are the same color as the stockings.
Avoid short skirts with bare legs or mis-matched stockings. The socks, or the pasty white knees, become the focus, shortening the length of the leg.

Wear with fitted pants. Choose those that are the same degree of lightness or darkness in color as the boots and have no contrasting pattern. You may also want to add a longer jacket to camouflage any hip curve.
Wear with a shorter skirt and/or long jacket that reaches the top of the boot. The long vertical line of the boot transitions seamlessly to the garment above creating a long-looking leg.
Wear with longer skirts, below the knee, and high-low skirts.

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