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Single Utah mother in shock after home catches on fire, belongings destroyed

Posted at 9:29 PM, Nov 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 00:10:47-05

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah -- A single mother of three boys and a teacher in the Jordan School District is facing a major rebuilding process after her home caught fire.

“I said so is it bad and he was like I’m not going to lie, it’s really bad,” said Tiffany Rasmussen describing the call she got from the Fire Department last Tuesday.

Tiffany was at work at the time, teaching at Valley High School.

“I love working there, it’s an alternative school.  And, I mean, those kids go through so much there,” said Rasmussen.

One of her students recognized she was going through a lot also.

“I had a kid come in today and just give me his jacket off his back.  He said, I just want you to have this, you know, your boys to have this,” said Rasmussen.

Tiffany is a single mom with three boys.  The oldest is 20 and off in college.  The youngest is twelve.

“I don’t think we’ve really ever been separated,” said Elijah Young, her youngest.

Burned walls and charred pictures won’t separate them either.  For now, the family is staying in a hotel, helped out by the Red Cross.  But Tiffany says in the long run, after repairs in six to nine months, she hopes to bring her boys back to their home of ten years.

“I know that I want to stay here so that they can finish out at least going to school through high school here,” said Rasmussen.

If you would like to help the family out, there is a GoFundMe account at: