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Family ‘devastated’ after beloved dog found shot dead in Utah County backyard

Posted at 9:28 PM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-14 08:53:35-05

EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah — A family is in shock after finding one of their dogs and mother of puppies shot to death in their backyard.

Leanza Laub says she returned home from running errands Sunday when she noticed something didn’t feel right.

“I realized she hadn’t come up to me, so I went back out and called her name,” Laub said.

Roxy, the dog that greets Leanza every time she gets home,  didn’t do that Sunday.   After searching for a few moments, she made the gruesome discovery.

“I found her right there, laying by the tree and by that time she had already passed,” Laub said.

Her dog Roxy died from an apparent gunshot wound near her hind leg.

“I was pretty devastated,” Laub said.  “She wouldn’t ever hurt anybody, she hasn’t ever bitten anybody or went after anybody.  I just don’t understand why.”

With four small children, this incident makes Leanza concerned about their safety.

“It’s scary for me,” Laub said.  “Not only could my other dogs be shot, but if I let my kids outside would they catch a bullet?” 

The Utah County Sheriff’s office is investigating, but so far they say they have few leads.

In April, another dog was shot and killed in Eagle Mountain, but the sheriff’s office doesn’t have any reason to believe the two incidents are connected.

Leanza is now caring for Roxy’s four puppies who no longer have their mother.

“They keep looking for her and trying to figure out where she went,” Laub said.

She is left trying to figure out why someone would senselessly harm a dog that was an important part of her family.

“She really wasn’t a bad dog,” Laub said.  “She was a great dog.  I’m going to miss her.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Utah County Sheriff’s office.