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5 Accessories to keep you warm on the slopes

Posted at 3:23 PM, Nov 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-14 17:24:06-05

It's time to hit the slopes, and Utah Ski Gear has 5 accessories to keep you warm from head to toe.

  1. Socks.  A good ski sock should be made of merino wool and/ or other synthetic and very breathable materials.  Socks can be thick or made of a thinner, equally warm material.  It's all about what you feel most comfortable in.
  2. Waterproof clothing.  Stay completely dry by wearing clothing with special technology that keeps moisture out.  Many waterproof ski pants and jackets come with snow skirts too - elasticized bands of material that form a barrier between you and your hands or feet and the cold.  If you take a spill in the snow, you'll stay dry and quickly be up and skiing again in moments.  Ski pants with bibs are a great way to stay even warmer.  Balaclavas and gaiters are often forgotten about, but important.  Sometimes when you reach the top of the mountain it's cold.  When the temperature drops below 10 degrees, it's easy to stay warm by using a balaclava, which is a garment designed to fit around your head and neck, leaving only your eyes, nose and mouth exposed.  It easily fits under your helmet.
  3. Helmet.  You need one for safety reasons, but a good helmet also keeps your ears and head warmer than a hat.  Helmets are made with ear pads made of a  cushy material for comfort and are often vented so you can hear everything around you.  A lot of helmets are adjustable so you can tighten them for warmth or loosen them on those cold days so a balaclava, gaiter, or hat can be worn underneath.
  4. Gloves.  When it comes to kids, SnowStopper gloves are popular for children.  They help prevent snow from entering and stay on to keep warm.
  5.  You may also want electronic boot heaters or socks. Hotronic Boot Heaters are designed with batteries, heating elements, and a battery pack that tucks away.

Find all of the gear you need at Utah Ski Gear, 600 East 9400 South.  801-413-8009.