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Strangers buy playing cards for evacuee with autism after Camp Fire burns his collection

Posted at 9:36 PM, Nov 16, 2018

CHICO, Calif. – When the Humbert family had to evacuate because of the Camp Fire last week, Carla Humbert thought they’d be back in their house soon.

"We didn’t take any memories. We didn’t take anything major, we just packed some overnight bags," she told KTXL.

But, like thousands of their neighbors, there was no home to go back to.

Without their house, the family’s son, Alexander, who has autism, lost the stability he's relied on. He also lost his favorite thing in the world -- his collection of playing cards.

This week, Alexander Humbert turned 28 but the family couldn’t celebrate at Mountain Mike's Pizza in Paradise as planned. So, Carla Humbert called a location in Chico.

"So we called this Mountain Mike’s and they were so accommodating and so amazing," Carla Humbert said.

She also got a hold of her friend Jodi Rives, who has been helping fire victims.

"Small, special things that they were missing that could be replaced," Rives said.

Rives went on social media and spread the word about the party and the perfect gift to bring.

During the celebration on Tuesday, in the same room at the pizza restaurant, something amazing happened. People kept showing up, bringing with them decks of playing cards.

In total, Alexander Humbert has received hundreds of cards. It was a small offering that meant the world to a family who lost so much.

"I would like to say so much thank you, gratitude to everybody who came and just did this," Carla Humbert said. "It seems small, a deck of cards, but, you know, for us that’s gold. There is nothing more important to me than making Alexander happy."

If you would like to help Rives in her mission to help wildfire victims you can click here to access a GoFundMe page.