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Utah Department of Agriculture and Food announces new rules for sale of CBD oils

Posted at 3:53 PM, Nov 16, 2018

(KSTU) -- The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) announced Friday it is registering hemp products, including CBD oils, to ensure that only labeled products will be legal for purchase.

In a press release sent by the UDAF, new administrative rules, which were finalized in November, give specific requirements for all hemp products. These include a required barcode or QR code on every hemp product, as well as a certificate of analysis done by a third party lab in order for a hemp product to be legal to sell in Utah.

"This is done for quality control purposes," the press release stated. " The label will look like the labels for dietary supplements to help consumers know what they are getting."

The certificate of analysis on hemp products will verify information provided on the label of the product and give information about purity, the UDAF stated.

"We encourage manufacturers of any hemp products to contact us so we can help them meet the requirements as soon as possible," the UDAF wrote. "Starting in January 2019, UDAF will take action at the retail store and manufacturer level to transition to only having legally registered products available for sale in Utah."

Consumers of hemp products were encouraged to help with the process, by asking retailers if the product is registered, and looking for a barcode or QR code on goods they are purchasing.

The UDAF said several companies were already in the process of meeting labeling and registration requirements.