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Maj. Brent Taylor laid to rest in North Ogden surrounded by family members

Posted at 9:25 PM, Nov 17, 2018

NORTH OGDEN, Utah -- Hundreds lined up along the streets in North Ogden Saturday to watchMajor Brent Taylor’s procession from his funeral at the Dee Event Center, to the Ben Lomond Cemetery.

You didn’t have to know Taylor personally to be apart of the crowd.

Miranda Seabolt is a resident who never knew Taylor but found herself and her family standing along the sidewalk as his hearse drove by.

“I’m just very grateful and very in debt to him and all the troops that have served,” said Seabolt. “Just seeing that flag and the flag in the canyon, it just shows the love that we have for those who have served and for Mayor Taylor.”

Love and adoration were palpable as family members and close friends surrounded Taylor’s gravesite.

Soldiers from the Utah National Guard helped bring him home for the last time.

Setting Taylor’s flag-draped casket in front of his wife Jennie and their seven children — the emotions were too raw to hide.

Tears streamed down Major General Jeff S. Burton's face as he presented the flag from Taylor’s casket, folded up with the layers and legacy of Taylor’s life.

Burton then presented seven more flags to each of Taylor’s children—the youngest just weeks away from her first birthday.

Taylor’s brother, Richard offered a gravesite dedicatory prayer as is custom for their family’s faith.

“We pray especially for Jennie and the children,” said Richard Taylor. “We have learned from Brent that there is goodness in the world. We desire to emulate this goodness."

Even Taylor's young daughter leaned down to kiss her father’s casket goodbye. All in honor of the one who paid the ultimate sacrifice — who gave all for the price of freedom.

“We are grateful for the lesson that we have learned from him, of the power of one individual,” said Richard Taylor. “How one individual can truly impact and change the world.”

The community says though the ceremony is over, their outreach is not. Neighbors have planned meals for the Taylor family on a weekly or monthly basis.

For those who wish to provide support to Jennie and her children, you can donate here.