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4 Tips to avoid holiday scams and fraud

Posted at 2:46 PM, Nov 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-21 16:46:09-05

During the holidays it is especially easy to fall victim to fraud.  Just as everything is merry and bright, there are people out there with the intent of stealing from you and your loved ones.

David Sant, VP of Marketing for Cyprus Credit Union joined us with four tips to help you avoid holiday scams and fraud.

  1. Be careful with email.  Scammers will send out emails that look like they're coming from our favorite stores.  Never click on links in any email unless you are 100 percent sure where they are coming from.  When in doubt, go directly to the store's website by typing in the address.  You can always call the store directly as well.
  2. Stay secure on websites.  Before finalizing any purchase on a website, make sure the URL includes "https".  The "s" stands for secure.  There should also be a lock icon on the browser bar.
  3. Never use a public Wi-Fi network to enter your personal or financial information.
  4. Be aware of gift card fraud. In recent years fraudsters have been recording the number on gift cards and then call to see if they have been activated.  Although this fraud scheme is difficult to avoid, the best option is to purchase gift cards at the last minute and spend them as soon as possible after receiving one.

Cyprus Credit Union has tools to help you protect yourself, to find those please visit: