Election 2018 is finally over

Posted at 12:57 PM, Nov 26, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY — Election 2018 is finally over.

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, Attorney General Sean Reyes, Elections Director Justin Lee, Treasurer David Damschen and Auditor John Dougall met as the Board of Canvassers on Monday to certify the results of the election.

Voter turnout for a midterm was the highest since 1962. Lt. Governor Cox said the number of active, registered voters was 75% (and it’s about 50% for eligible voters in Utah). Grand County had the highest turnout at 84.5%, while Utah County had the lowest at 67%.

“It looked like a presidential election,” when it came to turnout, he said.

Proposition 2, the medical marijuana ballot initiative, got more votes than any other item on the statewide ballot, the Lt. Governor told reporters.

“It got the highest total vote count,” he said. “Usually, the Senate race would have been the high water mark and it was very high, but Prop. 2 was a little higher.”

The competitive race between Rep. Mia Love and Ben McAdams also drove voter turnout in the Fourth Congressional District. President Trump was also a factor.

“Certainly, having a president that is so controversial and every day is tweeting and getting people involved for better or worse… definitely, that’s driving things,” he said.

Lt. Gov. Cox said he anticipates even higher voter turnout in 2020 with a divided Congress.

“I think that’s the good news,” he said.

Utah took steps to ensure its elections were secure. Lt. Governor Cox said they did see cyber attacks on Election Day, but they were prepared and thwarted them.

“We feel very good about the vote totals,” he said, adding he has no doubts about the integrity of the election.