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UDOT continues to face challenges with another winter storm

Posted at 9:57 PM, Nov 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-29 23:57:20-05

PARLEYS CANYON, Utah — Thursday’s rain did little to help UDOT prepare for an approaching winter storm.

Typically, with snow in the forecast, crews will pre-treat roads with a salt water solution, but rain washes it away.

“We don’t want to put it down if it’s just going to get washed off,” said Roger Frantz of UDOT’s roadway operations team.

Frantz manages UDOT’s Parleys Canyon shed. His crews sprayed another round of the solution late in the afternoon, before temperatures dipped below freezing.

“They are out there treating right now,” Frantz said. “The road was treated, but it’s diluted.”

UDOT has hundreds of snow plows ready to go when the snow starts to fall. The timing of this storm could create problems for Friday’s morning and evening commutes.

“The worst time of day for a storm like this is in rush hour,” said UDOT spokesperson John Gleason.

Because last week’s storm arrived during a holiday weekend, this will be the first to cause problems when a significant number of people are on the road.

“For many of us, it’s going to be the first time we are going to be driving in the snow this season,” Gleason said.

As drivers get reacquainted with sloppy conditions, UDOT is reminding people to be cautious and patient.

Fox 13's Kristen Van Dyke also warns that heavy snow throughout all of Utah early Friday morning will make driving treacherous, especially in mountainous areas.

Snow totals as of Thursday night, 11/29/18.

“Give yourself extra time to get to where you are going,” Gleason said. “Don’t try to speed up to make up that time because in this type of weather you are not going to do yourself any favors.”