Parent shocked after substitute teacher tells 1st grade class Santa isn’t real

Posted at 6:01 PM, Dec 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-02 22:44:37-05

MONTVILLE, NJ — An angry parent took to Facebook Thursday to express her frustrations that a substitute teacher at her child’s New Jersey school told a class of six-year-olds that Santa wasn’t real.

Lisa Simek stated in a post that the teacher asked a roomful of students what holiday was coming up. When they responded “Christmas,” Simek stated the substitute teacher “just completely unleashed on them.”

“She told them Santa isn’t real and parents just buy presents and put them under their tree,” Simek said. “She told them reindeer can’t fly and elves are not real- elf on the shelf is just a pretend doll that your parents move around.”

Simek said the substitute didn’t stop there but proceeded to tell the children that the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny were not real.

“Praying for a Christmas Magic miracle 🎅🏼🎄 to keep these kids believers for as long as possible. 🙏🏻,” Simek wrote. 

Since Simek took to Facebook Thursday, she stated that the post went viral, and as a result, students at a local high school volunteered to write individual, personalized notes from Santa to each of the children who were in the class when the substitute teacher told them he wasn’t real.

” A great big THANK YOU to this wonderful [teacher] and her students for taking the time and having such big, kind hearts! 🙌🏼❤️,” Simek wrote, thanking the students who volunteered to write the letters. “Christmas magic is REAL.”