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Utah bride has emotional wedding at hospital, so mother dying of breast cancer can attend

Posted at 6:11 PM, Dec 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-07 22:53:05-05

PROVO, Utah -- A local couple had an impromptu wedding at the hospital last month after doctors told them that the mother of the bride wouldn’t make it to the reception they had planned for nine days later.

Thanks to her family, friends, and the staff at Utah Valley Hospital, Brittney Spencer’s perfect wedding was put together in a matter of hours, the day before her mother passed away.

“To know that she literally waited for me is crazy,” said Spencer.

Brittney’s mother, Christina, was re-diagnosed with breast cancer which metastasized to her bones last March. It started to take a turn for the worse in late October.

She was determined to make it to her daughter’s wedding which was slated for Nov. 10, but on Nov. 1, doctors suggested they have the wedding at the hospital.

“Within six hours they had that wedding planned and ready to go,” said Spencer.

Her family and the hospital staff worked hand in hand, putting together a beautiful wedding her mother could attend.

“She literally crawled out of her deathbed to come to my wedding,” said Spencer.

Just 24 hours later, she passed away peacefully, knowing all her children had found love.

“She fought hard to do the one thing she wanted the most and that is she wanted to see all her children get married,” said Spencer.

The day after her funeral, the couple had the reception they had planned.

“We did it in her honor because she’s the one who planned most of it,” said Spencer. “It ended up perfect in every way."

Spencer hopes by sharing her story, it will encourage people to donate to cancer research organizations like the Huntsman Cancer Institute and Foundation, so that doctors can find a cure to this deadly disease that seems to impact almost every family.