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Utah man charged for using bad checks to secure bail on arrest for sexual exploitation of a minor

Posted at 7:54 AM, Dec 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-11 09:58:05-05

LOGAN, Utah — A man arrested for sexual exploitation of a minor is facing new charges after police say he used a pair of bad checks to pay his bail.

Lonnie Kent Nyman was arrested October 30 on a charge of sexual exploitation of a minor. He was also the subject of a campus alert at Utah State University the following day. 

According to charging documents filed December 6, Nyman secured his release from jail on that arrest by drafting bad checks that let him cover bail using credit cards.

Police were contacted in November by personnel from USU Credit Union, which received a pair of checks October 30 for $7,000 as payments for balances on credit cards in Nyman’s name and in the name of a relative.

Those checks allowed Nyman to make charges of $4,500 and $6,500 that same day at a bail bonds location. The balance on both cards was high enough the charges would have been declined were it not for the pair of $7,000 checks.

Both checks were returned November 2 for insufficient funds in the account, which was listed as “Nyman Holdings LLC,” the charges state.

When the bank contacted Nyman he made various excuses and claims he would make good on the balance but ultimately did not come through on that promise, according to the charging documents.

Police reviewed bank records and learned the account the checks had been written from  “had exactly a $0.00 balance as of October 30, 2018”, which is the day of the arrest.

Nyman is charged with one count of pattern of unlawful activity, racketeering, as a second-degree felony; two counts of communication fraud as second-degree felonies; two counts relating to financial card transactions as second and third degree felonies; and two counts of issuing a bad check as second-degree felonies.

Nyman was re-arrested December 6 and remains in the Cache County Jail.