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UDOT talks common driving mistakes, shares safety tips as winter storm arrives in Utah

Posted at 9:42 PM, Dec 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-12 09:18:20-05

(KSTU) -- Wednesday morning is set to be a messy commute, thanks to an incoming snowstorm set to hit right at rush hour.

Officials with UDOT as well as most Utah drivers have all seen that, sometimes, winter storms can bring out the worst in motorists.

On the FOX 13 News Facebook page we asked about your biggest pet peeves that other drivers do during storms.

Answers ranged from tailgating, speeding, or shooting the gap while other drivers are trying to create extra following distance for safety reasons.

But there are people who spend hours watching the roads at UDOT’s Traffic Operations Center, and they see some of the worst offenders.

“We've seen just about everything,” said Lisa Miller, UDOT Traveler Information Manager. “It really seems like folks are really just unfamiliar their first couple storms of the year.”

Miller said that speed is often the contributing factor for accidents during snowstorms.

“The number one offender we see in the control rooms are folks that are driving too fast for conditions,” Miller said.

UDOT is also pleading with drivers to take five minutes to clear it off their car before they hit the road.

“Make sure you have a full viewing area; make sure you're not peeping through a little tiny spot on our windshield that you can barely see out of,” Miller said.

UDOT says the worst wrecks are often those when a driver decides to race a snowplow.

“We see vehicles all the time that think they can accelerate around a plow, and then they end up spinning out [causing] a crash or going in the ditch, and nobody wins,” Miller said.

UDOT is ready for the storm tomorrow but they need drivers to be ready too. If you want to add in your driving pet peeves, chime in on our Facebook page.