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Officer David Romrell’s widow speaks publicly for the first time since husband’s death

Posted at 10:04 PM, Dec 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-14 09:06:57-05

SOUTH SALT LAKE — The wife fallen South Salt Lake Police Officer David Romrell spoke publicly for the first time since his death and shared a heartfelt, emotional message for the community and her blue line family Thursday evening.

Officer Romrell died nearly three weeks ago, when he was hit by two suspects in a vehicle fleeing from a burglary.

He left behind his wife, Elizabeth Romrell, and the couple's four-month old son, Jackson.

Elizabeth Romrell read a letter she wrote to her "Police Family" — the South Salt Lake Police Department, their spouses, surrounding police agencies and first responders.

She talked about how their strength and love  has allowed her to honor her husband, in the loving way he honored and loved the people he served.

"You have extended your hearts, time and energy with all you had to give," she said.

In her appreciation, Elizabeth said she's humbled to receive such a gift, from such incredible people.

"I have noticed and admired each tender act of kindness," she said. "They were needed and comforted us more than words can explain."

Officer Romrell's family also wrote a letter, read by South Salt Lake Police Chief Jack Carruth.

In it, they state the past few weeks have been an emotional journey, with an overwhelming amount of devastation, emptiness, confusion, anger and pain.

"With that darkness, also came great light we would never have anticipated," said Carruth, reading the letter. "We are truly grateful for the outpouring of support and the love from the community."

"David knew that South Salt Lake was special the moment he set foot in this town," Elizabeth said, in her letter.

She said David knew she'd always be safe there, as he brought Elizabeth to this family — her new family.

"This has been the most challenging experience of my life, yet I have never felt alone," she said as she choked back tears. "This family has constantly and annoyingly reminded me that I am and will always be a part of this family."

Elizabeth said she has already thanked David so many times for bringing her to them.

"Jackson and I hope to spend a lifetime with you, getting to know you, showing you our gratitude and celebrating the life of My David," she said.

Officer Romrell's family asked for people to be kind and help one another in honor of David. They ended their letter to the community with a quote:

"When an officer's heart is larger than their courage, there shall be no better guardian worthy of wearing a badge."