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Protesters gather peacefully in Ogden, retrace steps of fatal officer-involved shooting

Posted at 10:07 PM, Dec 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-16 22:26:54-05

OGDEN, Utah — A group of protesters in Ogden retraced the path Saturday of a pursuit that led to a fatal officer-involved shooting earlier this month, hoping to find answers.

With candles, customized shirts and signs in tow, a group of seven walked Saturday, looking for justice.

“Rest in peace, Anthony!” one can be heard shouting as they walked.

The group marched in solidarity for 18-year-old Anthony Borden. Not even two weeks ago, Borden was shot and killed by an Ogden police officer.

“It broke my heart, it really did,” said Perla Pineda who has a child with Borden.

Ogden police said Borden was wanted in connection with several robberies. During a stakeout in early December at a nearby apartment complex, police watched as Borden let the building, got into a stolen car and then led them on a pursuit from 7th Street to 12th Street and Depot Drive.

That’s where police said Borden crashed the stolen vehicle into two other civilian cars, as well as an officer’s patrol car. Ogden Police said when the responding officer told Borden to get out of the car, he pointed a BB gun at the officer. That’s when the shots were fired.

“I was shocked because I couldn’t believe they had killed him just like that,” said Anthony’s girlfriend, Maritza Dominguez.

Saturday night, some of those close to Borden retraced the path of the pursuit.

“Anthony was a good person. He might have done bad things but everyone makes mistakes," said Pineda. “I don’t believe he was the type of person to ever point a gun at anybody."

An investigation into Anthony’s death is still on-going, police said the officer who shot Borden was not wearing a body camera when it happened.