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SLC Foodie’s must-try holiday spots

Posted at 2:16 PM, Dec 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-24 16:16:00-05

Chase from SLC Foodie joined us with his must-try holiday spots.

Here are his top picks:

Bambara - Salt Lake City

Walking distance to all the downtown lights, this restaurant gives you tasty dishes while being in the heart of downtown. The seared Elk is hands down the best I've had in the state, they dress it with Oregon huckleberries. You get this delicious savory then sweet taste. The grilled filet of beef will melt in your mouth; they pair it with a black truffle aioli. I'm pretty sure I have dreams about it. I suggest after dinner to head over to Bambara's sister lounge, it has holiday theme and is the perfect spot for a warm holiday drink before you brave into the cold to see the lights.

Tortilla Union - Farmington

I've heard you! This one is to all my north of Salt Lake friends! This restaurant is right next to the beautiful color changing fountain. This amazing southwest grill is at Farmington Station. They have incredible nachos that are layered so each bite is full! The tacos are definitely not the tiny street tacos that keep popping up everywhere. They are massive and have amazing flavor! Ribs and southwest grills don't typically go together but the chipotle bbq ribs are fall off the bone delicious.

Wasatch Broiler and Grill - Midvale

Keeping with the holiday theme, this spot has a tree in the lobby but the reason it's on the list isn't for the holiday decor, it's to save money on a great lunch. I stumbled upon their lunch menu recently and was floored at the value vs quality. The half lemon spiced trout is AMAZING and is only $12 with a soft drink. I went back and the dinner menu is equally as tasty. On the menu it say's what made them famous is their kabobs. So of course I did the ultimate kabob combo. Steak, shrimp, and chicken, I completed understand now! Moist, perfectly marinated meats with that tasty lemon rice!

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