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Trucks tow dozens of vehicles parked on the road to Snowbasin Resort

Posted at 2:03 PM, Dec 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-25 00:06:12-05

SNOWBASIN RESORT, Utah -- Dozens of people were left stranded Monday at a Utah ski resort when they returned to their cars, only to find them towed.

"This has never happened before, and it’s just completely out of the blue. All of our cars are gone," said skier Sam Cheney.

Guests at Snowbasin Resort were left stranded after a fleet of tow trucks hauled away 38 cars on Snowbasin Road.

"We feel terrible," said Megan Collins, communications coordinator at Snowbasin.

Staff at the resort say they had no control over what happened. Even though the road has many "No parking" signs, they say people still park there anyway; causing trouble for snow plows.

"There were an array of cars parked on the road," Collins said, "and they felt that they couldn’t do their job adequately."

So they say the snow plow drivers called the Weber County Sheriff's Office, who decided to take action.

"I don’t know what the deal is. I guess the Weber County Sheriff decided to go on Christmas Eve and wish us a merry Christmas, and I don’t think anyone’s too happy about it," said skier Dawson Boren.

Even though there's signs around the area, guests say they park there all the time and are surprised the Weber County Sheriff's Office would take action on Christmas Eve.

"It's just unfortunate and all, because now it ruins our plans but, I'm just trying to keep a happy spirit," said skier Cye Wallace.

Something probably not on their holiday wish list, a hefty tow bill.

"Some people are being charged like, $460, and then we got lucky enough to get down to like, $200," Cheney said, "but it’s just super weird."

Resort staff brought in extra employees to give a ride to skiers and snowboarders who needed a lift.

"And now we just have to wait for a parent to come grab us, who is not happy," said Cheney.