Get glam this New Year’s Eve

Posted at 3:09 PM, Dec 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-28 17:09:07-05

Professional makeup artist Bobbi Farnworth stopped by with her fail-safe tips for achieving apex glam this New Year's Eve.

Bobbi says you want to go a little heavier than normal on makeup.

At this time of year think glitter!  There are a few spots to focus on.

First, use winged eyeliner.. and then add glitter to that line to add a little sparkle.

Second, there are already-made glitter creams that are easy to use.  She showed how to put it on the lid on model Mindy.  Just add it to the lid only for a pop to the eye.

Third, there are some expensive brands of glitter lipstick, but Bobbi recommends buying the inexpensive kind of glitter gloss... and use it on top of your lipstick to add sparkle.  You can also add some to the cheeks.

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