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Pleasant Grove PD weighs policy change allowing officers to wear beards, goatees year-round

Posted at 2:45 PM, Dec 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-28 16:52:23-05

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah — The Pleasant Grove Police Department is considering changing its decades-old policy that requires its officers to remain clean-shaven except during certain charity events.

The department solicited input from the public on its Facebook page Friday.

“This policy has been adhered to in an effort to create a professional and approachable police force. The premise of the policy is that beards are unprofessional and make an officer less approachable to the general public,” the Facebook post said. “That being said, as times change so do trends, styles, and fashion. More and more men are wearing beards and goatees these days. This facial hair policy is currently under review by the Chief of Police. Many Officers would like to wear a beard or goatee, and have been requesting a policy change for years.”

Officers with Pleasant Grove and other departments around the state have been allowed to wear beards for fundraising purposes.

In Pleasant Grove, officers were allowed to grow beards as long as they donated money to the department’s Sub for Santa program, which helps provide Christmas gifts for children of needy families. But the “relaxed” policy allowing officers to grow beards for charity only happens around Christmastime.

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