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Ogden grandmother heartbroken after wallet lost, money and memory cards with precious photos stolen

Posted at 9:28 PM, Jan 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-01 23:28:27-05

OGDEN, Utah — A grandmother says she lost hundreds of family photos when her wallet was stolen after a recent trip to the grocery store.

Sherry Thompson had the photos stored on three memory cards.

“The reason they were in my wallet is because I was going to make a collage for my husband for Christmas,” Sherry said.

She believes her wallet fell out of her pocket after shopping on the evening of December 20, 2018. She didn’t realize it was gone until the next morning.

“I woke up to messages from my Chase card — did I make purchases at the Wal-Mart,” Sherry said.

She says whoever found the wallet charged nearly $400 at Wal-Mart and hundreds more online and at several gas stations.

What upsets Sherry the most is the loss of the memory cards.

Those cards contained some images that were 10-years-old and can’t be replaced. They included wedding pictures and photos of a family dog that recently passed away.

“Violated and sad I lost that,” Sherry said. “I’ve been really stressed about it. I can’t sleep at night.”

As Ogden Police investigate, Sherry isn’t giving up hope that the memory cards are found.

“I’m hoping that somebody will return the pictures. I don’t care about the other stuff,” Sherry said.