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Free Online Dog Training with 30 Day Perfect Pup

Posted at 3:33 PM, Jan 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-04 17:33:48-05

Mike Steele, the co-founder of stopped by to tell us a new way to get better behaved pets.

He says the Pupford team was started when they noticed a lot of dogs were missing the basics in training, nutrition and companionship.  So Pupford set out to make a difference in all of those areas.

One of those areas is a 100 percent free online dog training class called 30 Day Perfect Pup.  The class was created  in partnership with Zak George, who is one of the foremost names in positive reinforcement dog training. The class is completely free and comes with in-depth videos, an ebook, daily tips, and access to a private Facebook community. It`s a great resource for new puppy parents, people looking to polish some of their dog`s skills and anyone who wants to create a better relationship with their pup.  So far about 20,000 people have taken the class.  In the class dogs learn things like sit, stay, leave it, look at me, leash training and so much more!
Anyone can go to to sign up for free.

On top of training, Pupford also sells some products... like training treats and dehydrated dog food which is a very healthy option for those looking to boost their pup's nutrition and taste.  The food is made from minimally processed, dehydrated and freeze dried ingredients.  All you have to do is mix the food with the same amount of water, sir and let sit and then your pup has a healthy meal!
Just head to for more information and you can check out their social media accounts for updates as well!