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How “Help Cards” are helping people find a warm place to sleep

Posted at 3:21 PM, Jan 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-07 17:21:37-05

In this bitter cold and snow imagine not having a warm place to go.  Jim Farley knows what it's like.  He says, "It's scary.  You live in a state of fear having to get up and move around every 30 to 40 minutes to stay warm."  In fact, he says you really don't sleep and you're miserable.

Jim says he tried to get warm with anything he could find (blankets, tarps, sleeping bags or even cardboard).

Then, Jim found The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake.  Executive Director Chris Croswhite says they offer three hearty meals a day and an emergency shelter and day room for the homeless community so they have a safe, warm shelter.

The New Life Program helps people get off the street permanently.

The need to help the homeless is year-round and not just during the holidays.  You can help by ordering Help Cards and distributing them to homeless friends in need.  The cards let them know where they can get real help.  You can also support the Rescue Mission with clothes and food donations - specifically coats, boots and winter socks.

The Rescue Mission is 100 percent privately funded.  They provide more than 200,000 meals a year for free.  It costs them only 97 cents to provide a meal and $7.00 to provide a night of shelter.  So, every dollar donated goes a long way to help people.

To learn more about Rescue Mission and help people off the streets go to: