CBD and other hemp products must now be registered with the state of Utah

Posted at 2:40 PM, Jan 17, 2019

SALT LAKE CITY — Letters are going out to retailers and manufacturers of CBD and other hemp-based products, telling them to register with the state.

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food sent the letter out on Thursday, notifying hemp product manufacturers and sellers that the products must also have proper labeling to notify consumers what is in them.

“The Department is aware that unregistered hemp and CBD products are currently being sold within the state of Utah and does not wish to interrupt the market,” the letter, provided to FOX 13, states. “However, the Department must ensure these products are free of harmful substances and are accurately labeled to ensure consumer protection.”

In an interview on Thursday, Utah Dept. of Agriculture and Food deputy director Scott Ericson said they wanted to ensure consumers are getting what they’re buying.

“You don’t want to buy something you expect to have 20 or 30 percent of something in the product and it only has five percent,” he said. “Is the labeling accurate for what they claim is in the product.”

The Utah State Legislature passed a law last year legalizing CBD oil and other industrialized hemp products with less than three percent THC content. However, it must be registered with the state and provide lab samples to give data for consumers to know what’s in them. The state will randomly test against those lab samples.

So far, about 26 products have been registered with the state and another 200 in process, Ericson said.

A list of the registered CBD and hemp products can be found here.