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Former Utah State football player Torrey Green found guilty of multiple rape charges

Posted at 6:05 PM, Jan 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-19 00:45:14-05

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah -- 25-year-old Torrey Green hung his head and sobbed as a Brigham City jury determined his fate. Guilty of five counts of rape and one count of sexual battery. This is for six women who accused Green of taking advantage of them while he was a student at Utah State University.

"We feel very good about their decision, very happy that they believed all six of the survivors," said Spencer Walsh, chief prosecutor for the Cache County Attorney's Office.

Walsh says he praises the victims for having the courage to not only report the incidents but for facing their perpetrator in court.

"It’s very difficult for sexual assault victims to have the courage to report and then to go through the rigorous legal process," Walsh said.

Walsh says he hopes this verdict will set an example for prosecution of similar crimes.

"Start by believing," said Walsh, "and then do a competent thorough investigation."

Green admitted he made mistakes but denied he was a rapist. Amid allegations, he was waived by the Atlanta Falcons back in 2016. Walsh says, even though these rapes took place between 2013 and 2015, it is not uncommon for victims to not immediately report instances like these.

"It’s nonsense," Walsh said. "It’s not true. The research shows 80/90% of college age victims of sexual assault delay reporting, and that’s to be expected."

The prosecution says they encourage victims to come forward whenever they are ready to do so, and even with minimal evidence, the truth will set you free.

"It's definitely an honor for our office, meaning the prosecution, victim advocates, law enforcement; to be able to get them justice," said Walsh.

Torrey Green faces five years to life for each of the five rape charges. Walsh says he suspects the prosecution will recommend 25 years to life. Green's sentencing is scheduled for March 27th.

Lawyers from both sides addressed the jury for the final time earlier Thursday.

The prosecution argued that the evidence against Green was overwhelming. They tried to paint him as a predator.

“Appearances can be deceiving,” said Cache County criminal deputy attorney Spencer Walsh. “This defendant right here, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Walsh noted that six different women came forward with similar stories of abuse. He argued that cannot be a coincidence.

“To call this a mere stroke of bad luck is completely ridiculous. it is unbelievable, it is improbable and it is impossible,” Walsh said as he slammed his hand on the desk.

Green’s defense countered that the district attorney declined to file charges against Green when the first victim came forward.

Defense attorney Skye Lazaro claimed the evidence wasn’t good enough then and still isn’t good enough to get a conviction.

“You don’t work backwards. You don’t decide we are going to get someone, we are going to let them sweat it out and then work backward to fill in the gaps,” Lazaro told the jury.