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Wife of Utah Highway Patrol trooper describes fear of accidents, injury when husband goes out in winter weather

Posted at 6:39 PM, Jan 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-18 23:26:59-05

WEBER COUNTY, Utah -- A Weber County Sheriff’s Deputy’s car was hit Friday morning while he was responding to a slide-off—something that happens far too often.

Law enforcement officers are constantly in harm’s way as they investigate accidents, something their families are all too aware of.

Ashley Carrubba is married to a Utah Highway Patrol officer who’s been hit twice while responding to weather-related accidents.

“People have hit into him during bad snow storms and not slowing down and moving over, so I do worry all the time,” said Carrubba.

Carrubba’s husband isn’t the only officer who’s been hit.

It’s almost been a year since Sgt. Cade Brenchley was hit in Sardine Canyon.

Brenchley was slammed into a car that had slid off the road, sustaining minor injuries: a broken shoulder and ribs.

“It could’ve taken me away from my kids and you know, we’ve watched the video and by all means, it probably should have,” said Brenchley in 2018.

Another trooper jumped the median on Wednesday, to avoid being crushed by a vehicle sliding right into him.

All stories, police wives never want to hear.

“A lot of people just think they’re a cop doing a job and some people don’t appreciate or understand everything that goes into that,” said Carruba.

Carrubba said they have their daily ritual when they say goodbye to have a hug and a kiss.

“I always know when I’m having a hard time letting him go out and sharing him with the world and he’s having a moment because we hug a little bit longer, kiss a little bit longer,” said Carrubba. “I always tell him, every day, you know, be safe, come home and he says that he will.”