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Easy, Inexpensive Things You Can Do to Improve Air Quality

Posted at 3:26 PM, Jan 22, 2019

Thom Carter, the executive director of UCAIR, stopped by to give us the following tips for improving air quality on a budget.

There are two things you can do today:

  1. Don`t idle; shutting off your car while you wait. If you`re waiting to pick your kids or friends up likely others are, too; and nobody wants to walk through all that polluting exhaust that then travels miles and miles into our air.
  2. Skip the Trip; Opt to make dinner at home rather than going out and pack a lunch tonight to bring to work tomorrow.

In addition  UCAIR has an number of other easy things and programs that are helping with better air quality.  Here are some of their recommendations:

Carpool: It`s a good way to reconnect with friends and co-workers. We did hear that some people said they would carpool but they didn`t have anyone to carpool with - UCAIR can help with that. Through our partner TravelWise, you can find others on your route. Find it on

Telework: If your employers offers this option, use those extra 30 or 40 minutes you`d be in your car and put them toward catching up on your inbox or spend them with your family.

Bike or walk:  If you`re trying to stick with an exercise New Year`s resolution this will help get those steps or extra cardio in.

Take public transit One day a week rather than driving will save you money on gas and help improve our air.

And, while vehicles are the biggest contributor during and inversion, gas-powered snowblowers, wood burning stoves and furnaces also emit pollution.
UCAIR recommend switching to a zero emission electric snow blower and be sure to watch burning advisories and better off, switch to natural gas.

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