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If you like being naked, there’s a group for you – and they’re coming to Idaho this summer

Posted at 7:43 PM, Jan 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-24 21:47:14-05

WORLEY, Idaho — Each year, the American Association for Nude Recreation holds a convention for its members throughout the U.S. and Canada. The week-long convention is chock full of events, meetings and seminars which all ultimately center around one theme: nudity.

Or rather, according to a press release from the association, the convention gives people the opportunity to “embrace the joy of living” and “experience nature in the most natural way possible: clothes-free.”

This year, the convention will take place at Sun Meadow Resort in Worley, Idaho.

The association said in their press release that nudists from affiliated clubs, resorts and campgrounds (yes, there are nudist campgrounds, and here’s a list) in North America will “discuss the organization’s vision for the coming year, report on activities from various committees, and celebrate 88 years as the leading authority on wholesome nude recreation and Nakationing™.”

Yup — 88 years and counting, making the American Association for Nude Recreation the largest and most long-established organization of its kind in North America, according to their site.

The national convention is for members only, but you can buy a short-term pass from a local club or resort if you want to try it out. In fact, you can try it out with your whole family – the association welcomes children, and says children are “natural nudists.” If you’re still not sure about making it a family event, you can check out the association’s nudist family values (one of their values – practice responsible sun safety).

For more information, check out Frequently Asked Questions, which cover topics like “why do people choose nude recreation?” and “what about nudism and religion?”

And if August just seems too far away, you can check out regional conventions, which start as early as June in Florida.

But if you plan to stay in Utah, there aren’t any legal nudist spots – so you can get naked, but only in the privacy of your own home.