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Pizza chain launches new item: ‘The Greatest Pizza That Never Happened,’ in memory of the Fyre Festival

Posted at 3:36 PM, Jan 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-31 17:36:26-05

MORRISTOWN, New Jersey — In the wake of both Hulu and Netflix releasing documentaries about the chaotic failure that was the Fyre Festival, another company has stepped up to the plate with a new way to make fun of it: Villa Italian Kitchen.

Founded in 1964, this pizza place has expanded from New York City to nearly 250 Villa Italian Kitchen restaurants worldwide, with just two in Utah, both located in Provo.

And now, they’re getting in on the fun of mocking the Fyre Festival, which ended up being a bit of a garbage fyre.

According to a press release, Villa Italian Kitchen has launched a “new luxury pizza experience” they call The Greatest Pizza That Never Happened: the Festival Pyzza.

Meant “for only the wealthiest consumers and industry influencers to enjoy,” the pizza features a fairly-standard crust and tomato sauce, but the toppings are where it really shines: “premium individually packaged processed cheese product” and a side salad of “organic mixed baby lettuce varieties” – dressing not included.

Oh, and it can be yours for just $25.

“We wanted to bring the high-end Bahamian festival experience everyone has been talking about lately to our customers nationwide who may have missed out on the real thing last spring,” said Mimi Wunderlich, Director of Communications, Villa Restaurant Group. “This pizza is so hot it’s almost worth incarceration for mail and wire fraud.”

The pyzza is supposedly inspired by “the infamous exquisite culinary experience promised to festivalgoers,” and is “sure to be a staple at any beachside barbecue, model-infested yacht party or three-day music festival in the Exumas.”

The restaurant did not hold any punches in their press release, but at least it looks like there are two slices of cheese on that pizza.

A disclaimer from the restaurant states The Festival Pyzza is not endorsed by Ja Rule, Billy McFarland, Kendall Jenner, Diplo or Major Lazer.

Unfortunately, The Festival Pyzza is not available at the Provo locations. But based on the photo, you could probably make your own version if you really want to.