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Caught on camera: Utah dog foils porch pirates

Posted at 5:23 PM, Feb 03, 2019

OGDEN, Utah – One Utah family is thanking their dog for foiling a porch pirate.

Zero is a 9-year-old black lab. He’s a ball-loving, good boy and just a bit of a scaredy cat.

“Just a lab that’s scared of everyone and everything,” laughed Zero’s owner, Whitney Cahoon. “I mean dusters, plastic bags, the cats… he’s terrified of the cats.”

But when porch pirates targeted their house in Ogden — the pooch went from Zero to hero.

“I just kind of yelled, ‘Get ‘em Zero! Get ‘em!” Cahoon said.

A doorbell camera caught the entire thing. A man can be seen running up to their porch and grabbing a package. Seconds later, Zero bolts from the house towards the thief. The thief had a getaway car waiting, he got in the car but threw the package back out onto the road.

“He just went for it, it was awesome!” said Cahoon.

Whitney said porch pirates have been a common occurrence in the neighborhood.

“People have been trying to steal packages, they’ve caught them on camera, but never here,” she said. “We’re on a pretty busy street, I didn’t think that anybody would ever dare attempt that.”

Thanks to Zero, their house is one that wouldn’t be messed with.

“I’m hoping that they word spread from them not to mess with us,” Cahoon said.

So now Whitney has her package and Zero is trotting around baring his teeth in a big smile.

What was in the package? A four-dollar dimmer switch from Ikea. Whitney said she thinks it would have been funny if the guy got away with the package because the item was pretty much worthless.