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‘Skinny Utah’ is offering a special for couples for Valentines

Posted at 2:14 PM, Feb 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-05 16:14:41-05

It's been a month since the end of the holiday season.  For people who had losing weight at the top of their resolution list, Ross Jardine from Skinny Utah says, "Don't go to the gym and expect the weight to just drop off.  The gym is a great place to get fit and get toned, but if your primary objective is losing weight, the place to start is changing the way you eat."  That makes great sense because 80 percent of weight loss is what you put in your mouth.

Skinny Utah is different because they use a very unique approach to the Keto Diet that doesn't involve eating a lot of fats like most Keto plans.  By eating certain foods, the body starts burning its fat reserves.  You need to try to keep your body in that fat burning state for 40 days.  Most of Skinny Utah clients lose 20 pounds or more in that time -- without gimmicks, pre-packaged food or drugs.  It's 100 percent natural!

Jardine told us about a couple success stories.  Brad lost 55 pounds on the Skinny Utah program.  He was injured in an industrial accident and gained 100 pounds.  He had to start using a cane to walk.  After losing 55 pounds on Skinny Utah's nine week program, he's no longer using his cane.  To say this changed his life would be an understatement.  His motivation was to get healthy in time for the arrival of his new baby girl.  He's got a goal to lose another 60 pounds.

Cielo lost 25 pounds on the Skinny Utah program and says she has more energy than ever and feels amazing.  She loved the coaching she got to help her stick to the plan and reach her goal.

If you'd like to learn more just go to  Your initial appointment is 100 percent FREE.  You'll get a complete body composition analysis, which is a $99 value and they'll show you how to get your figure back.

Every February Skinny Utah does a couples special for Valentines (the lowest prices for the program of the year).  It's half off for the second person and it doesn't have to be a spouse.  So, bring a friend or relative and do it together!

Skinny Utah has offices in Centerville, Draper and American Fork - call them today at 801-376-8080 or make an appointment at