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What the color of your clothes could be saying about you

Posted at 2:39 PM, Feb 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-07 16:39:40-05

Image Consultant Dani Slaugh joined us to talk about the color of love... and what it really is saying about you.  Dani says, "Color communicates first to you, the wearer, then to others.  The way you dress, the colors you wear, affect the way you think, feel, act and then how others react or respond to you."

So if it's Valentine's Day and you're not feeling the love and don't want to feel the love, Dani says a couple good options could be to wear clothes in blues and blacks.  These colors are communicating to you and those around you that you don't want love.  Blue can be seen as cold, depressing, lonely, introverted, but also calming, clean, loyal and logical.  Black can be seen as morbid, deathly, funeral-like but also sexy and seductive.

If you are feeling the love, here's colors that will help you it and look like a million bucks!  Dani says pink portrays gentle, tender and warm.  Red shows that you are all about love, passion, romance, sex, warm and also energetic and powerful.  Purple can also portray passion and romance.  And a rich, chocolate brown is delicious, rich and more approachable than black.

Dani says, "So when you wear red, pink or rich brown you're saying there's not just a lot of love in your heart, but a little bit of love in your outfit.  Wear then on a date for dinner out, or put red or pink accents in your clothes."

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