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How to Cure Your Facebook Envy

Posted at 3:12 PM, Feb 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-11 17:12:27-05

Experiencing "Social Media Envy" or "Facebook Envy" does correlate with a higher likelihood of anxiety and depression symptoms, according to licensed mental health counselor, Jessie Shepherd. She stopped by to share the following info about Facebook Envy and how to cure it!

Risk Factors:
• The less you interact (and  just observe), the higher the risk.
• Women are more likely to experience Social Media Envy. Women tend to use social media for social reasons, whereas men use it for business/real life contact reasons.
• If you browse/interact more than 100 minutes a day on social media, the higher the risk.

What to do:
-Go on a social media diet. No more than 100 minutes a day, don`t use when you are susceptible to negative emotions (after a fight with a friend/partner, when you are lonely, right before bed, when you are tired or hungry), don`t have your phone by your bed, and don't "check in" first thing in the morning.

-Acknowledge your feelings. Know what you are feeling and stop hiding it or burying it. Don`t pretend you don`t have your negative thoughts. Try journaling your emotions to keep track of them.

-Logical view. Understand that people post positive things on social media- not reality. Many people are trying to market or advertise something to you- even if it is themselves.

-Unfollow accounts that give you negative self emotions. Lessen exposure to these types of accounts.

-Find your core priority and take a step to strengthen it. Get out with your family - even a little walk, read a book, do a craft, organize your home/office, or take time for yourself.

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