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How to make Valentine’s Day great if you are single (by Chelsie)

Posted at 2:30 PM, Feb 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-14 16:31:01-05

Being single or in a bad relationship on Valentine's day can make it a particularly tough day for some. You`re exploited with pictures of couples with mushy captions and love notes further reminding you of just how single you are. But it doesn`t have to be a bad day. I have to admit I have been single on almost every Valentines day of my life and some have still been wonderful while others.. not so much. But I have found some great ideas that have helped me have a great day no matter my love status.

Here are my three suggestions in making your Valentines day a good one...

1.Make a friend or family member your Valentine (even better if its someone who doesn`t have their own Valentine.)
Last year I went all out for two girlfriends of mine and made them a 'self-care' kit complete with my favorite face masks, lush bath bombs, a candle, a book, and nail polish and of course a love note of my favorite things about them. This made the holiday so much fun and helped me forget about myself as I helped to make someone else`s holiday memorable. Nothing makes me forget myself and my own misery than doing something nice for someone else.

2.Do something nice for yourself.
My suggestions:
-Give yourself free reign to buy yourself something you`ve always been wanting.
- Write yourself a love note and mean it!!
- Give yourself a night to do absolutely nothing but sit on the couch and watch your favorite movies.
- If you`re having hard time with being single I would suggest writing down a vision of what your future will look like when you are in the relationship you are wanting and envision it so much that it feels real. There is such power in envision our lives the way we want them to be. And then be grateful for what you already have.

3. Plan a girls or guys night with some of your closest friends. Go to that nice restaurant you`ve been wanting to go to but has always been too expensive, watch your favorite chick flick and order in cookies. Make each other valentines like we used to do in the fifth grade. Do whatever makes you happy with the people you love.

4.Practice gratitude. Practice gratitude for your family and all the wonderful people in your life.

Challenge: Write a letter to someone significant in your life and thank them for them impact they have had in it. Write a letter to yourself, or Write down all the things you are grateful for. There is power in gratitude and power in writing things down. Write them down look at them and let them sink into your heart. Do one or do all three!

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