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Parents share about surviving house explosion, watching flames reach baby’s area

Posted at 6:05 PM, Feb 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-25 22:35:46-05

KANE COUNTY, Utah -- Parents say they were trying to start the pilot light on their heater when the house exploded in flames. 

“It looked like every painting you’ve ever seen of hell,” said Enisa Redmond who’s expecting a baby boy in July.

Redmond and her husband Brandon returned from a day trip with their 15-month-old boy, when they noticed the heater was no longer on. 

None of them smelled propane, but as a maintenance worker named Sid started their pilot fire, the house exploded. 

“Next thing you know the whole roof and the walls blew,” said Brandon. 

An 800-pound beam fell, hitting Enisa on the back of the neck, but all she could think about was her little boy.

“My face felt hot and everything else just shut down in shock to make sure I had the adrenaline rush to get my kid,” said Enisa. 

Looking at her husband engulfed in flames, Enisa said she didn’t know if he got out alive, and didn’t know if Sid made it out either.

But Sid was the one who lifted the beam off Enisa, rushing her to safety.

“He is really a hero,” said Enisa. “I am so grateful for the fact that he was there.”

The Redmond’s were life-flighted to the hospital but were released after receiving minor burns and injuries.

The cabin is completely lost, but the Redmond’s said they’re grateful they are all alive. 

“That was the scariest moment of my life thinking I lost you,” said Enisa.

Donations for the family can be made on Venmo at DanelleFrench1.