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Big Budah’s blog: Loving success on the court, and courting love at home

Posted at 11:31 AM, Feb 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-26 13:32:10-05

Health Status

I have been on a personally-initiated challenge to get to 280 pounds in 160 days, which ends on my birthday in June. I have been trying something different this month. I have been doing cardio only and not lifting any weights at all. My plan is to add weights back in to the mix March 1. I have also started 2/25 Keto with Drew Manning’s 60 Day program. My body feels good and I am seeing results.

Mental Relaxation Therapy

The stresses of life are everywhere, and everyone is affected at some level or another—whether it be from school, work or family. The way I deal with stress is through a few channels.

I record a weekly podcast with a local radio legend Patrick “DB” Essex. It is basically two dudes just shooting the breeze about popular hot topics.

The other way is drinking kava and a live music jam session. This has helped me recover faster from my workouts and the rigors of everyday work and home life so that I am at my best the next day.

Hard Work Pays Off

I have been spending a lot of time away from home serving as a coach for the East High Girls Basketball program. I have learned more daily lessons from the girls while working alongside them at practices and games.

It is incredibly gratifying to have coaches who share the same work ethic: Olosaa Solovi Jr, John Satini, Mouga Tapusoa, Lester Hautau, Shawn Rossiter, Katherine Mccoll and Tina Croall.

This, coupled with the support of the girls’ families, the administration, the student body, and local businesses: Tucanos, Smith’s Food & Drug, Chick-fil-A, Mo Betta Steaks, The Pie Pizzeria, Golden Corral, KFC, Hires Big H, Little Ceasars, Ashton’s Burger Barn(Delta, UT), Sagato’s Bakery,IHOP, Thailicious Food Truck and J Dawgs—all helped us win back-to-back 5A State Basketball championships.

Let’s catch up with my wife and her health and fitness journey #losingforlife

Love, Love, Love

February is known as the month of LOVE: the time of the year where we show our love and appreciation to the ones we love by showering them with gifts. My husband and I have always said that we didn’t need a certain day to show our love for each other, that we do it all year long, which we do.

This year my hubby went above and beyond without telling me, which made me feel so special.

I came home to a home-cooked dinner of steak and lobster as well as a dozen red-stemmed roses in a beautiful vase. My man scored major points on Valentine’s Day. He is definitely a keeper, and I am so lucky to have him.

Keeping with the month’s theme of love, I have found myself reflecting on how much happier I am now since my surgery and how much more I love myself. It is interesting how much better we can be at taking care of the ones that we love the most when we love ourselves.

In my profession I hear the term self-care almost every day, and finally for the first time in my life I understand what that means. We cannot truly help and care for others to the best of our ability until we learn to love ourselves.

In the past few weeks I have had many significant things take place that are all part of my self-care process. Recently I found out that I was accepted into the Masters of Social Work program at the University of Utah. I have mentioned in previous blogs that the decision to go back to school wasn’t an easy one to make, but after receiving my letter of acceptance everything came full circle for me.

The thought of returning to school for another two years is a bit overwhelming to be honest, but looking forward to what will come once I graduate is beyond exciting. My dream to be a marriage and family therapist is a few short years away.

Another goal that I made for myself was to start exercising on a more regular basis. Anyone who has made exercise a part of their lives knows that it is a huge part of self-care and loving ourselves. Currently I have been exercising a least 3-4 days a week, and each day that I complete another workout I feel even better than I did before.

Along with my exercise, last week I decide to cut out my sugar and carbohydrates intake, and I was able to lose 3 pounds. Being able to lose the weight was great, but more important was seeing and recognizing how much better I felt afterward. I am continuing that same goal this week and through the month.

Fun Times

This month I was getting a little stir-crazy being in town and just wanted to get way for a night or two, so I went with my son and his wife along with my youngest boy to the Lava Hot Springs in Idaho. I had never been there before, but I was excited to go check it out.

We stayed at a cute little motel there in town and had dinner at a local Chuckwagon. The people there were very friendly and happy. During the evening we went to the Lava Hot Springs. The pools were so relaxing. They ranged from 105 degrees all the way up to 112 degrees, which was my favorite one.

Spending time with my kids was the highlight of my trip. After our little getaway I felt rejuvenated and ready to tackle what my week had in store for me.

This past week I had the opportunity to go pay my respects to my mom’s older sister, who passed away. My mom traveled here from California for the funeral. Even though the reason for the trip was sad, the silver lining is that my aunt is no longer in pain, and I was able to spend some time with my mom.

My mom made arrangements to take all of her granddaughters who live in Utah to lunch one day. It was fun to be able to see all of my nieces and to catch up on their lives and what is going on. My daughters are all close in age with their cousins, so it was fun to watch them interact with each other. It reminded me of when they were younger.

Life Is Busy

I know I am not alone when I say that I never feel like I have enough hours in my day to be able to accomplish all that I want and need to do. From the moment I wake up in the morning, my mind is going 100 miles an hour trying to remember all that I need to do.

Lately I have been using my day planner to list and check items off as I go, and this has been a huge help to me. My top two goals on my list every day are to exercise and eat well. They are most important to me on a daily basis.

I have felt really good about my progress lately with my exercising and eating. My goal is to lose my last 20 pounds before my birthday, which is in July. If I continue to exercise and watch my sugar and carb intake, I am confident that I will reach my goal.

A couple of weeks ago I logged onto the BMI Facebook page and took part in a live chat that Doctor Cottam was hosting. It was a kind of Q&A forum that had a lot of good information. The nutritionist and exercise consultant have also been doing some discussions and workouts online. It has been beneficial to have access to these tools without having to leave my home. I will continue to look for these resources monthly.

Looking forward to my near future, I will be taking a trip to California at the end of this month to spend some time with my siblings and my parents before my life gets to crazy busy to do so. Hopefully the sun will be out and I can get some rays; this cold weather is getting a little old.

Once I return I am off and running with school again, with a summer class at Salt Lake Community College followed by beginning my two-year Masters of Social Work program at the University of Utah.

Life is going to be a little overwhelming, and I am a bit concerned about being able to manage it all without losing the good habits I have developed these past couple of months. But as long as I remind myself that I am trying to accomplish and achieve my best self, then I know I will make it.

I have a huge support system with my family and friends. Most importantly I have my husband, who always has my back. Thank you all for taking time to read my story and allowing me to share a little bit of my journey to a happy and healthier me.

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