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Funding Your Future: Preparing Your Teen for College

Posted at 2:27 PM, Feb 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-27 16:27:44-05

With thousands of students graduating high school this year, many have the same questions: how am I going to pay for school? Some are lucky to have academic or athletic scholarships; others might get some help from their parents. But that still leaves plenty of students trying to figure out how to afford higher education. David Sant, chief marketing officer with Cyprus Credit Union, stopped by to offer the following helpful tips.

Always Budget
One of the most important things you can do is to start and maintain a strict budget. If you start early, you will be used to following a budget when you get to college.
• Start simple by setting aside a set amount to use for food or entertainment each week.
• Don`t spend money on things you don`t need. Ask yourself if it`s really worth it before you buy.
• In college, it's really easy to lose track of your money, it's vital to start keeping track now so you`re used to it. There are all kinds of apps to help track your money.

Student Discounts
Take advantage of student discounts as much as you can. A lot of businesses understand the financial strain that comes with being a student and they will offer student discounts.
• Not everyone advertises student discounts; the best way to find out is by simply asking.
• Make sure you always have a valid student ID with you to ensure you qualify for the discounts.
• For some online retailers, all you need is a valid student email address.

Apply for Aid
The more help you can get paying for college, the better. There are a lot more than just academic scholarships available to students.
• Expand the search beyond just what the colleges offer and you`ll find something.
• There is a scholarship for almost everything; all you have to do is find it and apply.
• Every little bit helps, even if the scholarship is only worth $500, it is still worth the application.

Cyprus Credit Union Scholarship
Every year, Cyprus awards 15 $1000 scholarships to Utah high school seniors. Students who meet the following criteria are eligible for the scholarship:
• Student is a Utah high school senior
• Student is a member of Cyprus CU
• Minimum GPA of 3.0 the last two terms
• Plans to attend an accredited college, university or trade school in Utah

To apply, visit