Wellness Wednesday: Alta View Hospital now using lasers in cataract treatments

Posted at 5:11 PM, Feb 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-27 19:11:58-05

SANDY, Utah — Intermountain Healthcare's Alta View Hospital has some new laser-based technology for treating patients with cataracts.

Thanks to that cutting-edge technology, James Breeze now sees the details of life. Details he had forgotten, “like the individual strands of hair and the glimmer of light,” he said.

Alta View ophthalmologists are now using femtosecond laser technology, which replaces the use of a hand-held surgical tool for certain cataract surgeries.

“It’s the most modern, up-to-date premium eye laser surgery available,” said ophthalmologist, Matthew Tempest, MD.

Breeze, 46, a diabetic since he was a toddler, had developed cataracts, which clouded his vision. He has now had the laser surgery on both eyes.

“The change in vision is remarkable,” said Breeze.

The femtosecond laser is used for the following cataract surgery steps:

- Corneal incision
- Anterior capsulotomy
- Lens and cataract fragmentation

“The laser can improve the precision and accuracy of each of these steps, with laser accurate depth and length incisions,” said Dr. Tempest. “This allows for better outcomes through faster healing and reduction of possible infection.”

In traditional capsulotomy, the surgeon will make a hole in the capsule using a hand-held instrument to gain access to the cataract. The laser allows a much more precise cut, protecting the integrity of the rest of the capsule.

Previously, patients had to go to a specialty hospital or clinic for this type of surgery.

For Breeze, the surgery means ditching the bifocal glasses and now seeing life as he saw it in his youth.

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